About Zola Craft Gallery

“When you hold handmade pieces, you’re connected to the artist and their creative spirit. It just feels good when you find something that is useful, beautiful, and well made.”
—Sidney Cruze, Owner, Zola Craft Gallery

Sidney believes life is richer when you surround yourself with things that are made by hand, and when you use them every day. She inherited this philosophy from her mother, and passes it on through Zola—where she keeps a broad range of items that are beautiful, useful, and affordable.


Zola was started in 1995 by Karen Anderson and previously owned by Jennifer Kahn. When Sidney took over the store in 2014, she was excited to build on Zola’s reputation for creative handmade gifts amidst Durham’s 9th Street business community. Since starting this adventure in craft retail, Sidney has helped countless visitors find gifts they love. For her most loyal customers, a Zola gift box is part of family celebrations year after year. Sidney is committed to uphold the quality, variety, and regionalism Durham wants and expects from Zola, and she dreams of the day when the gallery can grow to showcase even more visual arts.